A2-TYPE is an online foundry and type design consultancy founded by Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel (members of AGI, Alliance Graphique Internationale), dedicated to the craft of contemporary typeface design. Our ever-growing library now includes more than 100 unique fonts created over the past 20 years. Since launching A2-TYPE in 2010, we have collaborated with leading design companies and global clients to create bespoke typefaces for their brands. Our fonts are engineered to work seamlessly across all platforms and to perform exceptionally in print, on screen, and for broadcast. A2-TYPE has been recognised with typeface design awards from TDC in New York, Graphis, D&AD, and Tokyo Type Directors Club, which awarded us the prestigious Grand Prix for our design of the New York Times Magazine custom fonts*.

All fonts are available exclusively from A2-TYPE. A live type tester is accessible on each font page if you wish to preview and test our fonts. Trial fonts are available for existing customers.

A2-TYPE is a 100% independent foundry. We don’t sell or license our fonts through resellers. All of our fonts are protected by design copyright. T&C

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Frequently asked questions

A2-TYPE was launched in 2010 as a division of our existing design studio, A2/SW/HK, to work directly with designers, agencies, and brands to create custom fonts as well as a platform for releasing our own typefaces.

A2-TYPE is two people; Scott Williams and Henrik Kubel.

Yes, occasionally. Most notably, we have worked with Margaret Calvert on the following projects: New Rail Alphabet, New Transport, GDS Transport, Rail Alphabet 2, and New Airport DOT.

Setting up an independent type company seemed like a logical and natural development of our existing design practice. By 2010, we had created a plethora of custom fonts in all styles and genres for our clients, and marking the 10-year anniversary of our company just seemed like the right time to launch A2-TYPE. For us, being able to work exclusively on the creation of a typeface or a font system with a client has proven to be a catalyst for pushing our type design to the next stage.

Our typeface design practice has evolved naturally alongside our design company A2/SW/HK. Our approach to type design is built on the traditions of the past and often references history. We hope to learn from the past and develop our own approach to creating unique letter shapes within the narrow design space that is typeface design.

We are 100% independently owned. We don’t license or sell our fonts through a third party. We design all our fonts with extended Latin languages, including Cyrillic, in-house. When working on multi-script projects, we work closely with native speaking typeface designers to achieve the best and most accomplished result for our clients. All projects are managed from our London office.

UK Government, UK Parliament, The Independent Newspaper, Expedia, Motorola, Royal College of Art, Friends of the Earth, Amplify, Aperture Magazine, Riba J, Steensen Varming, Arne Jacobsen, Banca Sella, Optimum, Harvard University Press, The New York Times Magazine, Moscow Metro, Network Rail, The Athletic, Google, Traveler magazine, CNN, AirBNB, Instagram, Meta (Facebook), Wired, Evening Standard, Qualcomm, Samsung, LinkedIn, Weekendavisen, Wallpaper*.

Yes, a few throughout the years, which we are very proud of, most notably from D&AD, TDC New York, and Tokyo TDC.

We have experience in designing all genres of type, from hard-working sans for signage, to delicate serif fonts for text, to imaginative display fonts for brands, down to pixel fonts for screens. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our library of fonts, just drop us a line – we are pretty sure we have it on file! If not, we will be more than happy to create what you need from scratch.

We are in the process of developing our existing font library and continue to work in close collaboration with old, as well as new, clients on all sizes of projects across all touch points and typographic genres.

Both partners design fonts for the A2-TYPE library. However, Kubel is the principal font designer.

Yes, and no. We design all our fonts on screen and review and test them on paper as well as on screen as part of our design process.

All our fonts are approached as original designs. Very rarely do we create a typeface that is a carbon copy of a historical model. We try to add ‘our touch’ and ‘typographic voice’ to each design. When it comes to using historical source material as a starting point, we prefer to see it not as a copy, nor a revival, but rather an interpretation and continuation of a thought.

Robofont, FontLab, Glyphs, plus a few custom programmed scripts and mini-programs.

Yes, but you must speak to us before you proceed. It is important that we are aware of who the client is and who will be responsible for managing our font files.

Yes! we do — but only to existing clients at the moment.

Yes, of course, we do. We need well-crafted and thoughtfully designed fonts.

This all depends on the project. You can get far with a couple of fonts. Sometimes a single style can do all of the work.

One that clearly defines the client’s ambition, the sector they operate in, and which touch points they would like to impact with the font.

That will depend on your brief. Some of our typefaces have been in development for years, others are completed within months. As a general rule, most multiple-style fonts can be designed within 3- to 6-months.

Absolutely not. No one is permitted to open and alter our fonts.

Because we have spent well over two decades learning the craft and have invested heavily in bringing our fonts to market. We have not created typefaces for other designers to tinker with. We own the intellectual property rights to our work, and for a third party to open and change one of our fonts is a copyright infringement.

Because a logo should not cost £70. Our pricing model is adjusted for ‘commercial’ as well as ‘not-for-profit’ organisations.

Custom fonts are created bespoke to suit a specific need. Often, a client will have a period of exclusivity, which gives them time to build their brand. A custom font is, in our opinion, one of the strongest assets a client has in their brand tool box. Retail fonts are for everyone to use.

Yes, we can customise any of our fonts to meet your needs.

Yes, but not often, ideally in a sunny place! Just drop us an email.



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